Wake County Arrest Search - Criminal Data Check - Find Criminal, Arrest, & Court Records Online (2024)

Looking for Wake County arrest records? This guide will show you how to find arrest record information in Wake County North Carolina. Wake County arrest records will show you who got arrested and for what charges. All that is needed is the first and last name to start a search online. You can also learn how to find inmate records in Wake County and in North Carolina.

Can you perform a Wake County arrest search? Yes. Arrest happen almost every day in Wake County and you can find this information quickly with the right websites.

Wake County Quick Facts

Population: 1.072 Million (2018)
Wake County is North Carolina’s second most populated area.
Area: 857 square miles
Wake County Sheriff: Website

How to start a Wake County arrest search?

There are a few ways to search for Wake County arrest data. Below we will outline some of the best ways to accomplish this.

Time needed:3 minutes.

Use a search service to find Wake County arrest records by searching anyone in the United States with a first and last name

  1. Access the search-service site online

    Use our search box below this step to enter a first and last name into the search system.

  2. Input first and last name

    Input the person you are looking for in terms of arrest records, warrants, criminal records, contact information, and more below.

  3. Find the result that best matches your search name

    Once you search a name you will have access to the person’s relatives, locations, and age. Choose the closet match and continue.

Start an arrest search in Wake County

Arrest Records Search

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Wake County Arrest Search - Criminal Data Check - Find Criminal, Arrest, & Court Records Online (1)

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Wake County Arrest Search - Criminal Data Check - Find Criminal, Arrest, & Court Records Online (2)

BeenVerified background check service searches through billions of records and dozens of databases.

Option 2: CCBI Arrest Records Portal

Try using the CCBI arrest records portal to find Wake County arrest records in North Carolina. the CCBI system maintains an arrest record for wake county and available back as far as April 27, 2007.

There are a few things you should know when using the portal. They are:

  • CCBI arrest data will not show current case dispositions or case status
  • No arrest data resulting from traffic offenses, citations, or infractions will show

If you are looking for this type of criminal information in North Carolina you can always use the search service above or you can obtain this information by contacting the Wake County Clerk of Superior Court’s office. Keep in mind that there will be a $25.00 fee to obtain a certified copy of this data. To request a certified copy you can use the following AOC-CR-314 Form.

You can make payment in the form of a Certified Check, Money Order, or credit card

Send this form with payment to :

Wake County Clerk of Court
PO Box 351
Raleigh, NC 27602
ATTN: Records Checks

Do you live in the area? If so you can also check these types of records in person by accessing the public computer terminals that are located at the Wake County Clerk’s Office. Do keep in mind that when you search this way they will not be certified copies. Here is the address:

Wake County Justice Center
300 S. Salisbury St
Phone: 919-792-4300

Search online from the CCBI database

Wake County Arrest Search - Criminal Data Check - Find Criminal, Arrest, & Court Records Online (3)

You can also search for Wake County arrest data by accessing the arrest and mugshot search tool from CCBI online. Here is what to do

Access the website here

Once in you will see a list of mugshots and arrest data to the right and a search box to the left. You can use the search to search by someones first and last name, arrest date, and sex.

Once you find a match you can click on the person mugshot picture and you will find the following types of information:

  • Full name of the person
  • Arrest time and date
  • Arresting officer
  • Address of the person arrested
  • Mugshot of person
  • Charges
  • Age of person arrested

Wake County Mugshots

You can find mugshot data the same way you search for arrest records in Wake County. In-fact the above method will show the mugshot of the person that was arrested. Keep this in mind because there are some people that may get overwhelmed when searching family or friends and they see an actual picture of the person online. While there are many different websites that provide mugshot data you can find these types of photos by using methods above.

Wake County Jail information

You can find inmate data as well by accessing information from the Wake County Detebtuib center. All arrest processing happens at the detention center. Also, it should be noted that all visitation of inmates will occur at the detention center as well, no matter where the inmate is being housed. You can find more information by accessing the following information:

3301 Hammon Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27610
Phone: 919-773-7930

Wake County Sheriff Office daily Bulletin of Arrest

You can also find out what incidents have happened for the day in Wake County. Use the daily police blotter page to see exactly what took place. You can look at this page by accessing the Sheriff’s Office Police Log.

Wake County Arrest Search - Criminal Data Check - Find Criminal, Arrest, & Court Records Online (2024)
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