MLB The Show 24 Release Date and Cover Athlete - Official launch, cover star, and game modes (2024)

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MLB The Show 24 is next up on the docket. The final days of MLB The Show 23 are here as the calendar has flipped and the MLB season is long over. These sports games always have a short shelf life, since new ones come a year later with new rosters and updates. It gives players the chance to start over their Road to the Show or Diamond Dynasty dreams. When will that all officially happen? Here’s what we know about the MLB The Show 24 release date.

MLB The Show 24 Release Date

MLB The Show 24 is coming out on March 19, 2024. After revealing the game for the first time, Sony set the date and gave gamers something concrete to wait for. That means the game will come out prior to the MLB Opening Day. Most sports games try to go live just before the regular season does to cash in on the hype. This has become the standard practice in the sports gaming industry.

MLB The Show 24 Release Date and Cover Athlete - Official launch, cover star, and game modes (1)

Zach’s Tips

MLB The Show is a yearly game, which means it has a new edition every year. Most of the time, this comes with the most accurate rosters (a big calling card for the newest releases of all sports cards), better graphics, updated game modes, and other minor changes. It can be expected that MLB The Show 24 will bring back all the familiar game modes from MLB The Show 23 and make minor changes across the board.

No longer a PlayStation exclusive, the game will be out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with cross-progression and crossplay for new-gen consoles. The game will see the return of multiplayer Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, Franchise mode, and all the hits.

You can play as Buck Leonard, Toni Stone, Hank Aaron, or Josh Gibson from the past or modern day legends like Andrew Miller or Johan Santana. The gameplay has a ton of variety in which roster you can use for iconic moments in storylines mode. You can also play through the Negro Leagues Season, so there’s a whole lot that even single-player gamers can do.

You can also expect to see multiple versions of the game, such as a Legend Edition, MVP Edition, Negro Leagues Edition, Standard Edition, or Deluxe Edition. San Diego Studio confirmed that the game will be on Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

Will MLB The Show 24 have Early Access?

MLB The Show 24 does have early access. Sony San Diego Studios confirmed that it would begin on March 15 for select pre-orders of the MVP Edition or the Digital Deluxe. Those will also come with MLB The Show packs and much more, but they grant four full days of play time before the game comes out for everyone else.

Who is the MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete?

Last year, Jazz Chisholm from the Miami Marlins made the cover of the standard edition of MLB The Show 23. This year, there were plenty of candidates to choose from. Ultimately, the developers went with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays in a recent and surprising reveal on their Twitch channel.

His father was on the cover in the early 2000s, so it would be a nice full circle moment. He had a .264 batting average, 26 home runs, and 94 RBIs. He will be on the Standard Edition, but the Collector’s Edition and other premiere versions of the game may have different players including baseball legends, such as Derek Jeter on the Legend or Legacy Edition of MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 24 Release Date and Cover Athlete - Official launch, cover star, and game modes (2)

While Guerrero earned his spot, the game is not going to end any time soon. Those that were up for consideration for this year will almost undoubtedly be back up next year and the year after that. Several stars could have earned themselves a second or even third round on the baseball game cover, but a new star was decided on.

Guerrero will be the cover star for all console platforms, from current-gen consoles Xbox Series X|S to PlayStation 5 and last-gen consoles, too. Pre-orders are not yet available since there’s no official release date. The other editions, such as the Negro Leagues Edition, do not have singular cover athletes and rather feature artwork.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to go head-to-head, collect player cards, earn Stubs, repeat in-season moments, take control of your favorite team, be your own ballplayer and more in the new game. That’s all for the MLB The Show 24 release date, but be sure to check out the Topps Now Program, what’s new for Season 5, and the Flashbacks Program!

MLB The Show 24 FAQs

When does MLB The Show 24 come out?

MLB The Show 24 comes on March 19, 2024.

What game modes will MLB The Show 24 have?

MLB The Show 24 will most likely have Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, Franchise, and Quick Play modes once again.

MLB The Show 24 Release Date and Cover Athlete - Official launch, cover star, and game modes (2024)
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